Corporate brand identity is not just creating a logo or business card design; Branding is the set of perceptions. It is also a marketing practice in which a business choose a trade name, use a symbol or illustrated artwork to give an impression of the company. The growth rates of a business and type of audience it attracts depends mostly on how it is perceived. Considering these facts, branding is significantly important for a new startup or SMBs.

In most companies brand is a core concept that needs to be taken as far as possible and developed. It is very important that it is clearly stated, communicated and understood. Corporate brand identity impacts strongly everyone connected with your organization – from customers to employees, partners or stack holders. It leads more sales, increases customer acquisition and retention, and attracts highly skilled talents.

To learn more about importance of corporate brand identity, read the following article at HBR website: What does your corporate brand stand for?


How does your corporate branding identity help you?

We are a brand identity design agency and the leading provider of corporate brand design services in Bangladesh. We have highly experienced and dedicated brand identity designers. This is one of the major reasons we’re able to provide a high-quality branding identity design at a low cost.

A good corporate logo shows the company’s values. It can help promote the image of your company, communicate the essence of who you are, or simply look good.

Here are 50 Inspiring Examples of Corporate Identity and Branding

We are a team of best corporate brand identity designers and we provide following corporate branding services to our clients:

  • Corporate Branding Identity Design

  • Building Company Profile

  • Catalogue Design

  • Brochures and Flyers

  • Business Card Design

  • Corporate Presentation

  • Newsletter Design

  • Info-graphics or Graphical Illustrations

To get strong influences of corporate brand identity deign or corporate branding services strategy it must encompass the following:

  • Need to understand clearly the organization’s vision, mission and values to build successful Corporate brand identities.

  • The strategic roadmap incorporating the plan, approach and broadly defining the key milestones.

  • The core aspects about the business that can positively influence various stakeholders. Understanding the existing culture and the change within the organizations.

  • Knowledge of organization insights, the overall environment, industry scenario and every other factors which influences strategic ambitions of the business organization.

We are highly experienced corporate brand identity designers adept in wide ranges of corporate branding services and believe that our corporate branding identity services will help make your business the successful one – it can possibly be. Our basic corporate brand identities package is a bundle of custom logo, business cards and letterhead.


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